Mindset Training


Introduction: Greetings I am Pamala, Educator Entrepreneural. I have created this Seven Step Inner Transformation as a P.A.N.A.C.E.A. (a solution or medicine for pain and suffering) for the Womyn who wants to transform fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

In my search for meaning and purpose I discovered a P.A.N.A.C.E.A. for the problem’s we women face. We women all face similar challenges in the world. We want our voices to be heard and to be seen and appreciated for the value we bring to the world. These Modules can help you wake from a lifetime of suffering. I am not a therapist. These Modules do not take the place of therapy. My pre-disposition for understanding the mind and how unconscious emotions manifest in the body was found in the poetry I created. 

Use these Modules to identify with your true self. I have come to know, that we are conscious beings with shared experiences. Much of what has happened to us has receded into the subconscious mind. When we are mindful, we learn how to observe our habitual thoughts, words, and action. As the observer we can change the undesired behavior of the observed.

We are then freed from unconscious drives. The Twenty-First Century is a time of awakening. It is an inner liberation from the pain and suffering of the emotional body. This awareness is happening and changing our world. Let this be your first step in the liberation of your heart. Each step in the Module brings you closer to the realization of an organic source of feminine power within.