The Mind as a Gateway


The mind is the gateway to connecting with your higher self which slumbers in the depths of your inner life. Mind also connects to the global community and everything in the universe. Open yourself to this greater level of mind and let go of old ways of seeing and being. Create a greater reason for living—one that connects to your purpose—which decreases self-importance. You will have a set of intentions and a clear-cut aim for living that will guide your behavior and liberate you from habitual thought patterns that cause suffering.  

There is a significant role for you to play. Do something and make a difference in the world. Connect to the greater story of our shared humanity and co-create with life. 

The Internet has achieved what humanity craves. With a click of a mouse, we can touch anyone, to somehow spread to every corner of the globe, and become a catalyst for uniting the whole of humanity.  

In the Western world, we are so preoccupied with the dark nature of humanity that we have forgotten that our true nature and essence as a people is spirit. Art, music, and nature expresses our genuine nature and tries to capture it in a song, poem, or a painting. It is our greater self.  

If you do not focus on your limitation, what is the alternative but to focus on your strength? We are like a tiny drop in the ocean, but in that drop, is the essence of the sea. If you would only wake up to your potential and acknowledge your authentic spirit, then you would have the power of the sea and be able to move across the land and touch everything. Each wave in the ocean springs forth out of the great sea then disappears back again. Such is the essence of our Mind. Thoughts appear as immaterial for a moment. Then, once again, they withdraw into the collective.