P.A.NA.C.E.A. It is a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases. It is a process that will liberate your heart.  Each of the letters corresponds to a wisdom teaching. This is a tool for Empowerment, which was developed by Pamala Wiley who has over thirty years of Nichiren Daishonin Buddhist Practice.  During the coursework,  you will learn how to access the greater self that will awaken a different source of power found within.

With the field of Personal Development exploding, This Training Module is an ideal way for educators, female entrepreneurs, and mothers who home school, and any other woman who wants to receive the kind of affordable mental training many are seeking, but few know where to find it. 

In this “New Age of Experience,” being true to the self is important. Thus, I have developed a Seven-Step Inner Transformation to help you to come to know the inner working of your mind.  



In my research, I have found the vast inner state of life bursting with an abundant mindset, wisdom, and courage. This state of life is available to all of us when we rise above the lower life states of Grief, Anger, and Fear.  

Mindset Training


Introduction: Greetings I am Pamala, Educator Entrepreneural. I have created this Seven Step Inner Transformation as a P.A.N.A.C.E.A. (a solution or medicine for pain and suffering) for the Womyn who wants to transform fear, uncertainty, and doubt. In my...


The Mind as a Gateway


The mind is the gateway to connecting with your higher self which slumbers in the depths of your inner life. Mind also connects to the global community and everything in the universe. Open yourself to this greater level of mind and let go of old ways of se...


Four Elements of Empowerment


Four Elements of Empowerment - Meaningfulness — the value or importance attached to a goal or task, further bracing the bridge that leads to inner strength and resilience. The heart is the first element of empowerment. - Impact — the result that is ech...